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Mohogany White

At affordable and competitive prices, our comfortable Rocker Glider chair and Ottoman sets are stylish and provide the best solution to cuddle your baby in comfort.

Rocking is comforting to a baby and provides soothing relaxation to both baby and parent. When held close in his/her mother's arms, a baby is soothed by the sound of her heartbeat and feels most secure. One of the most pleasurable experiences for a baby is to be cuddled and held thereby ensuring further bonding between mother and child.

The smooth gliding motion of the Rocker Glider chair and Ottoman, which glide in synchronous motion, helps soothe your little one back to sleep after evening feeds. In addition, this chair is sure to be a favourite place either mother or father to just sit and relax.


  • All Rocker Glider chairs have 3 adjustable reclining positions – upright, middle or back

  • Matching Ottoman with a similar gliding mechanism

  • Solid wood construction ensures that the frame of the chair is sturdy and durable

  • Easy to clean solid wooden frame

  • Removable cushions and covers for easy re-adjustment and cleaning

  • Comfortable cushions that won't lump or sag and are covered in woven fabrics that won't fray

  • Latest Suede fabric cushions also available

  • Fabric used on the Rocker Glider chair and Ottoman is hand washable

  • High padded back for support, padded arms, and dense-foam seat cushions

  • Smooth gliding mechanism, incorporating high quality ball bearing system, thereby enabling a smooth horizontal gliding motion (i.e. limited swivel action)

  • Optional locking mechanism (available on special request only)

An added feature of the Rocker Glider set is that the Ottoman glides in sync with the chair. The Ottoman is not attached to the Rocker Glider chair. This feature allows you to move the Ottoman nearer or further away from the chair, according to your height. There is nothing like the feeling of putting your feet up and relaxing after a long day, whilst rocking and gliding in comfort.


height = 1,05m 
width = 500mm 
depth = 550mm

height = 360mm 
width = 500mm 
depth = 400mm

length = 490mm 
width = 500mm 
depth = 55mm

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